My name is Pablo Mansanet. I'm an industrial engineer / EE turned embedded developer and general tinkerer. You'll find me online as cuervo nowadays.

Things I've done for years

  • Written firmware for the kind of people who want it robust and reliable: Automotive, defense, aerospace, medical and a few other industries.
  • Used C/C++/VHDL/Python (and many others) to write good code, bad code, experimental code, unreadable code, beautiful code, code that works and code that doesn't.
  • Written a lot of Rust (since 2015).

Things I want to write about

  • The Rust programming language. It is awesome. If you ended up here, you probably know why.
  • Security. I got my OSCP and other training to ensure that when I frob some bits, I frob them securely. I also like to reverse engineer things, mostly with radare2, sometimes with cool NSA tech.

Things I like, which may or may not show up in this blog

  • Creative writing. I'm on a quest to prove to myself you can write decent English fiction as an ESL person.
  • Game development. Probably with Godot and Bevy.
  • Procedural generation.